Silcompa runs two molecular sieve dehydration units.

Process of dehydration of ethanol

Dehydration is the process to remove the water from an azeotropic ethanol/water mixture.

In our process, ethanol vapor under pressure passes through a bed of molecular sieve beads. The bead’s pores are sized to allow absorption of water while excluding ethanol. After a period of time, the bed is regenerated under vacuum to remove the absorbed water. Two beds are used so that one is available to absorb water while the other is being regenerated.

Dehydration units

Silcompa runs two molecular sieve units 24/7.

The first unit is dedicated to dehydrate technical grade ethanol, while the second unit – the newest – is dedicated to neutral ethanol.

Every unit is equipped with a feedstock tank and two tanks for finished products.

The running, management and maintenance of the plants are handled by a specialized and highly trained internal team.


Compliance with quality standards required by legislation and by our customers is ensured through a H24 monitoring and recording of all process parameters and full internal analyses of finished products by our internal Laboratory.