Silcompa has an efficient logistics service with a proven track record in alcohol management.

Over 180 million liters of ethyl alcohol are handled each year with our logistics service.
We organize deliveries in bulk and packaged products by road, rail, sea or river.

Our company’s transport options are characterized by flexibility and reliability from small jerry-cans to Iso-containers, from drums or Ibcs to trucks, up to ocean going bulk vessels, product delivery is always managed by adapting logistical solutions to customer’s needs.

Customer satisfaction is upmost. Silcompa continually strives for this both by its own means and also with a network of dedicated logistic partners on whichever required timeframe

With a fleet of dedicated tanks it is possible to guarantee consistent quality of the supplied product.

Thanks to our global network we are able to supply ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin from, and to, anywhere in the world.

Packaging: from 5 to 5 million liters

Silcompa is able to deliver ethyl alcohol in the format you prefer including:

jerry cans of 5, 25 or 50 liters

200 liter drums

IBC of 1,000 liters

tank container intermodali

Iso tank containers

Stainless steel road tankers

Railway wagons

Barges or Sea vessels