COVID-19 Emergency

Since the beginning of the health emergency, Silcompa pursues a dual objective: to ensure the safety of its employees and keep production running, because it is fully aware that ethyl alcohol is essential to help fight the Coronavirus.

In this emergency context, Silcompa continues normal production activity; working with the utmost commitment and professionalism to meet the growing and urgent demand for alcohol, in particular to supply the pharmaceutical and sanitizing products sectors.

To protect the health and safety of employees, Silcompa has adopted the health prevention measures ordered by government and health authorities.

A donation to the city of Correggio

Never before as in this moment has it become clear of the close link between the company and the local community: Silcompa wanted to support the fight against the coronavirus, by donating to each family in the municipality of Correggio, a bottle of denatured ethyl alcohol, to hep household hygiene practices.

Just a small gesture that we hope can help to finally overcome this emergency situation.

Next to it is the article dedicated to Silcompa in the May issue of the monthly “Primo Piano”.

L’articolo dedicato a Silcompa sul numero di Maggio del mensile correggese “Primo Piano”.