Silcompa S.p.A. is the leading company in Italy for the production and distribution of ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin.

We are a professional, efficient and forward looking company with extensive expertise and fully focused on the demands of the international market.
We are committed to meet the requirements of our customers for quality, service and price.
The experience gained over many years dedicated exclusively to this product, allows us to share with customers deep and detailed knowledge of the market, including complicated taxation and changing legislation.

We believe Silcompa acts as an important reference for many companies looking to use ethyl alcohol, both in Italy and worldwide. As shown throughout our history we remain committed to establishing strong long lasting relationships with suppliers and customers


Our headquarters is located in Correggio (in the Italian province of Reggio Emilia) and occupy an area of 40,000 square meters, of which 15,000 m2  are taken up by production, rectification, denaturation and packaging plants, and also storage tanks with a total capacity of 6,000 cubic meters.

Our history

The history of Silcompa is a story that comes from the passion, the resourcefulness and dedication of an Emilian family in Italy, now in its third generation.

Silcompa was born in 1925 out of the initiative of a young Enea Pignagnoli who founded a winery for the production of local wines.

In 1962, together with his son Romano, he expanded the family business by purchasing a distillery, where they began the production of ethyl alcohol from vinous raw material.

From 1979 the family focused exclusively on the production and distribution of ethanol of agricultural origin.
In 1990, the Pignagnoli brothers, now in its third generation, began construction of the current plant with the engineering of modern equipment for the direct production of ethyl alcohol

Cantina Pignagnoli
Una foto d’epoca della Cantina Pignagnoli

Our values

The solid family values that characterize the company's business are still the same today, just as yesterday.

These include careful attention to product quality; clear understanding of the specific needs and requirements of each customer; complete compliance with the commitments undertaken with customers, colleagues and business partners.

These guiding principles, combined with the daily endeavour of our staff, managerial skills and strategic investments, have helped Silcompa become a leading company in Italy and one of the largest and most reliable ethyl alcohol operators in Europe.

To continue offering customers a high quality service, we pursue a significant investment plan, based on the most modern technologies, to ensure the best product quality, safe working conditions and respecting environment issues