Since 1925 until today Silcompa has preserved many of the same basic principles to run the business: the greatest care for the product’s quality at every step, from production to delivery; attention to the customers’ requirements or to their specific problems; commitment to punctually keep the engagements.

These principles combined with a dedicated staff, excellent managerial skills and important investments have turned Silcompa into a market leader of ethyl alcohol in Italy and one of the most important reliable and stable European companies for all end users.

The headquarters of Correggio occupies an area of 32,000 sqm, 15,000 of which are covered. There are production and processing facilities, denaturation equipments and tanks with a global storage capacity of 6.500 cubic meters.

Company growth and development is due to continuous investments in R&D, together with the careful consideration of customer feedback and requests.

This approach has enabled Silcompa to evolve and implement customer requests. The company has similarly developed the logistics, improved delivery times and controlled the transport of ethyl alcohol to every destinations.

Silcompa is able to organize deliveries by truck or railway, both in bulk and in drums, or move tankers everywhere the customer might need.